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First Presbyterian Preschool opened in 1981 to provide local families with a child-centered early childhood education program. The school operates in partnership with the First Presbyterian Church of El Paso, teaching Judeo-Christian values through the sharing of Bible stories and engaging weekly chapel services. That said, we welcome and embrace students of all faiths and religious backgrounds.

Our leadership is committed to the Reggio Emilla way of teaching, which values self-directed learning and views every child as capable and competent. This program prioritizes choices and exploration as learning tools. Children learn to make choices and navigate the effects of their actions.

The Reggio Emilia focus also encourages students to prepare for life in the world. In addition to learning quantifiable tasks like counting and spelling, the school gives students a list of goals to reach each school year. Among those goals is growing as a person through relevant skills and understanding, which is adapted based on the level of development. Everyone at the school, including teachers, has similar goals.

Miss Cece, the school’s founding director, has studied and observed a wide variety of teaching models and is fully committed to the “Reggio Way.” Together we are charged with providing the highest quality of early education to First Presbyterian students. She knows each child personally and regularly spends time in each classroom.

Our highly trained staff is one of the key reasons First Presbyterian has produced so many capable learners through the years. Our teachers thoughtfully prepare and collaborate to provide the best learning environments and activities to engage and propel their students to learning success.

Our school offers a unique, engaging and supportive atmosphere. Our playground is a Certified Nature Explore Classroom that includes indigenous plants and trees for children to study and explore, and local natural materials like sand and stone. The playground also contains artwork created by local artists and the children themselves.

Our music program is guided by the Reggio-inspired music learning program, “The Children’s Music Studio.” This early childhood program is a wonderful guide to helping children develop an awareness for the appreciation of music and its relationship to art, drama, poetry, and the many other languages of a child.

Yoga for Young Children is offered for our students with many goals in mind: to promote peace, healthy bodies, encourage self-awareness, and to challenge our capable bodies.

First Presbyterian Preschool will prepare your child for a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

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First Presbyterian Preschool

First Presbyterian Preschool

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