Our Community

The school thrives with the support of a broad and caring community that begins with First Presbyterian Church of El Paso, our parents, alumni families and the El Paso community at large.

First Presbyterian Church of El Paso

As the primary sponsor of the school, First Presbyterian Church of El Paso is a valuable member of our community. The Church offers financial and logistical support to the preschool, and helps us model our message fostering spiritual and moral growth for our students. While our message is based on Christian values such as kindness, patience, and self-control, children and families of all faiths are welcome. The church’s pastor, Neal Locke, is a member of our board and engages our students weekly in meaningful and relevant chapel services. Just as in our curriculum, chapel time offers opportunities for discovery and inspiration.

Our Parents

We are proud to be a school that encourages parent involvement, and are fortunate to have parent support in a wide range of school activities, from volunteering in classrooms, serving on our Board of Directors, fundraising, and participating twice-a-year in our Playground Workdays that help keep our Certified Outdoor Classroom Playground safe, clean and fun for our students. We encourage daily engagement for parents include visiting classes, open communication with teachers and providing snacks for the class – every child gets a chance to make and bring a snack for the class to share and enjoy.

Parents of First Presbyterian students are dedicated to their children’s well-being and education. Parents play an important role in supporting their children’s learning by putting into practice the lessons the school introduces through play and other home-based activities. If you are a school parent and are interested in volunteering with us, please call 915-532-6157 or email preschool@fpcep.org.

Our Alumni

We enjoy great relationships with our former students, parents and staff, and love visits! We launched an Alumni Reunion in 2015, and with our first graduating class in 1982, we are seeing many second generation First Presbyterian Preschool students. Time and again we celebrate the successes of our former students, whose solid early childhood education foundation allows them to go on to be high academic achievers in middle school, high school and beyond.

The El Paso Community

We are also proud to partner with organizations in El Paso that lend of their time, resources and energy to keep our school thriving. The Boy Scouts and Cathedral High School frequently provide volunteers to help with our playground maintenance, new construction and special school events such as our Fall Festival.

We have collaborated with Compadres Therapy Inc. to develop and early childhood program where children learn to engage with horses through riding, music, and art.

We have supported the educational programming of Project Vida by inviting and providing transportation for their children to participate in various activities hosted by the preschool and First Presbyterian Church, including Vacation Bible School and the preschool’s summer camp. We regularly share donated resources to assist with their programming.

Our faculty and staff are very involved with the Paso del Norte Association for the Education of Young Children (PDNAEYC). Our founder, Cece Neal, was on the founding board, and five of our staff members have sat on the board.

Each year we have partnered with the El Paso International Museum of Art to host our annual Art Show fundraiser featuring our own students’ work. We have also engaged with UTEP and El Paso Community College education program and students, participating in field studies and student-teaching opportunities. If you know of an organization that would like to collaborate with our preschool, please call 915-532-6157 or email preschool@fpcep.org.

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