First Presbyterian Preschool

The Power of Play



The First Presbyterian Preschool of Medford has a long history in the Rogue Valley.  The preschool is located at the First Presbyterian Church of Medford at 85 S. Holly Street.  It opened in 1961; many area residents either attended this Preschool or have children or grandchildren who attended.  The Preschool is a child-centered program for children three to five years old emphasizing social interaction, personal growth, language development, and preschool learning skills through active exploration.

The classes are AM classes and accept registration throughout the year depending on space available.  The school is non-sectarian.  We  are dedicated to providing a loving environment where children share time, space, and friends. The curriculum is facilitated in a planned and stimulating classroom environment where children are prepared to deal with life's many challenges and to live peacefully with one another.  

Come. . . . . check us out!  Although we are closed during the summer, we invite you to email/call and leave a message or to schedule a visit to see the school facilities.  

Pam Masters, Director/Teacher


Phone:  541 779-1711 Ext. 203


Note:  The phone system is in transition.  Dial 541 779-1711 and when prompted, put in our extension 203 (or just 3).  There may be as much as a 20 second pause. Next you should be prompted for further information and to leave a message.  If you call during school hours, there are often times we cannot answer the phone.  Call my cell phone to get through faster. Feel free to call after school hours for more information.

Pam Masters, cell 541 944-0021